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Strategy Development In Practice (CEMS)

1/16/2017 category: information Application 

Strategy Development in Practice

In cooperation with McKinsey & Company the subject is conducted by the professor Piotr Płoszajski, the Chair of the Management Theory.

Objective of the course:
Familiarize participants with management consulting by giving them first-hand experience of solving a typical strategy engagement case with support of McKinsey consultants.

Format of the course:
Students will be assigned to teams for the duration of the course (6-7 persons per team). Participants will be asked to prepare a successful strategy for a company chosen by the McKinsey consultants. The objective is to familiarize oneself with all stages of a typical project, from the initial diagnosis through data analysis to formulation and presentation of final recommendations.

The course includes:

  1. 12 hours of presentations, lectures and meetings with McKinsey consultants, experts and industry managers introducing industry specifics, concepts and methods of management consulting and presenting tasks for students;
  2. 18 hours of team meetings with McKinsey consultants acting as coaches to support students in the development of their skills and completing the tasks.

Organizational information:

  • The course will be held during the summer semester and organized by McKinsey & Company in cooperation with the Chair of the Management Theory at the Warsaw School of Economics.
  • The course is limited to 1st and 2nd year students of master degree studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and is capped at 30 participants selected through a recruiting process. 
  • Course is recognized by the Warsaw School of Economics and CEMS as any other regular course. Students will receive a grade which is included in the average grade, as well as 5.5 ECTS for completing it.
  • The course is part of the CEMS Program.
  • English will be the working language.
  • The course requires time commitment: all workshops and teamwork between sessions are mandatory.
  • The sessions will be held on February 24th, March 10th , April 7th, May 12th

All applications should be submitted by January 30th 2017 by the following link and contain:

  1. CV in English
  2. Motivational letter explaining why you would like to join the course
  3. Transcript of grades to date
    In case of questions please contact: Agata Krawiec or Elena Lvova

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