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Reusable learning objects

10/17/2013 category: others 

Backgrounds and scope: As we already know, efficiency of e-learning is one of the key issues of that type of educational activity. No wonder then that it continuously remains in focus of attention of various groups of professionals including e-learning platforms providers, designers of e-learnings standards and specifications and – first of all – course designers and the authors of learning content. Those interests have resulted also in creating the idea of RLO (Reusable Learning Objects) that stored in dedicated repositories would enable creating new courses from existing pieces of content. The main idea of such approach leads to enabling cheaper and faster creation of e-learning courses and in consequence to achieving more versatile or competitive palette of trainings without unnecessary expenditures. It is also worth to be mentioned that such approach supports personalization of online courses.

COE research and results: Above mentioned feature of RLO is the main reason for involving it in COE SGH research. Therefore, one of the projects undertaken by the team was to elaborate the concept of dividing the learning content into learning objects in a way that they can further be combined in various configurations corresponding to individual learning preferences. Important stage in this project refers to distinguishing the physical and logical components of the course depending on their function in online learning and their links to different learning styles. Such approach enables creating personalized online courses which have an appropriate logical structure and physical content.

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