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CEMS is governed by the Executive Board made up of representatives from CEMS universities and corporate partners. Under the leadership of the Chairman, the board meets three times a year to take strategic decisions for the organisation. The Chairman is supported in his responsibilities by the Executive Director and the team at the CEMS Head Office.
The CEMS Head Office is the permanent organisational body of CEMS. The team liaises closely with the Chairman and the Committee chairs while supporting the implementation process of decisions taken by the Board. The CEMS Academic Committee, formed by the CEMS Academic Directors under the Chairmanship of a Board member, takes decisions linked to specific academic questions with the aid of the Programme sub-committee, which also acts as Graduation Committee, taking decisions on borderline cases.
Academic Directors and local Programme Managers play an extremely important role. They are the driving force of CEMS in their local institutions. Programme Managers deal with the students on a day-to-day basis while Academic Directors are the main responsibles for the implementation of the curriculum.
The organisational/decision making chart is availlabe HERE. 
To keep a high standard of teaching, CEMS constantly develops its Programme offer. The Curriculum offer, including social and networking events, is subject to an accreditation by the CEMS Academic Committee. In addition, all programme elements are subject to a constant quality evaluation process.

Each CEMS institution is represented by a student elected on the Student Board (SB) being a driver of the international student community.
CEMS Clubs have been set up at most institutions to:
  • Drive the international student community,
  • Enhance CEMS’ reputation,
  • Strengthen the international network between students,
  • Foster strong relationship with alumni,
  • Foster strong relationship with corporate partners,
  • Foster innovative and progressive ideas to help CEMS grow,
  • Create exciting opportunities for all the parties.
  • The Student Board closely cooperates with the CEMS Head Office, the Executive Board and the Alumni Association.
The CEMS Alumni Association is the continuation of CEMS graduates’ multicultural experience. The Association is unique in that it is a truly international network whose members maintain lasting contact with each other, whilst living and working throughout the world. Since its creation, the Association has pursued its three goals:
  • Promote the CEMS Master’s degree,
  • Create and maintain friendly, lasting contacts among Alumni,
  • Provide a professional network and opportunities for its members.
Alumni Members are organised worldwide. A Local Committee is the driving force at the local level. The Local Committees (LC) meet on a regular basis to discuss the activities and developments of the Association.
The Executive Committee’s mission is to foster the Alumni community by proposing and developing initiatives which reflect the Alumni ‘s objectives. The Executive Committee also represents the Alumni interests on the CEMS Executive Board and supports the CEMS Master’s Degree development.

The CEMS Career Forum is a highlight event of the CEMS year. Students are preselected for interviews with Corporate Partners before the event. Students with at least one pre-scheduled interview are eligible for subsidised travel to the event. Since 2009 the CF is a separate event organsed in mid-November in Budapest and since 2014 is rotating to other interested universities. In the years 2014-2016 it was organised in WU Wien and for 2017-2019 is again in Budapest.
The Annual Events are organised every year at the break of November and December at different member schools. The events are include several stakeholder’s meetings (Executive Board meeting, the Student Board meeting, the Alumni Association, Programme Managers etc.) the Annual Meeting (stakeholder’s meeting), and the graduation ceremony for the MIM graduates. These events gather over 1500 persons that work for and with CEMS in different positions: students, academics and corporate representatives.