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CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies. Its first mission is to set a global standard of excellence for pre-experience Master’s in management. Founded in 1988 in Europe , the network has grown steadily, largely due to the success and popularity of the CEMS Master’s in International Management: the MIM Programme. Today, CEMS is the global league of leaders on the pre-experience Master’s market and it cannot be equaled in terms of reputation of its members: 30 world-class academic institutions collaborate together with about 70 corporate and 5 social partners to offer international, postgraduate students a unique blend of high quality education and professional experience.
The major initiative developed within CEMS network is the CEMS MIM (M.Sc. in International Management), a prestigious supranational business degree that can be acknowledged as the best passport for an international career. This one-year joint degree programme is exclusively open to the Master’s students of the CEMS schools who meet very strict selection criteria, and receive the CEMS degree in conjunction with their home degree. CEMS also fosters faculty cooperation for joint teaching, research and doctoral education.
Both, the programme and CEMS members have been recognized for many years in the prestigious ranking of Master of Science programmes conducted by The Financial Times. According to the recent 2015 edition:
CEMS MIM is ranked #4 (previously ranked 1st, 2nd in the World in last three years, #7 in 2013 and #5 in 2014). CEMS is also ranked #1 in the world for combined international results (international faculty, students and board, alumni mobility and international course experience) since 2005!!!  
In 2016 CEMS decided not to participate in the ranking due to  significant changes in ranking criteria diminishing the internationalisation factor. However, similarly to previous rankings, in 2016 five CEMS member schools were placed among the top 10 recently, and 20 CEMS schools were placed in the ranking with SGH ranked #73 out of 90 schools that qualified for that prestigious ranking.

More details on the ranking and our recent success, you can find at CEMS Press Release and CEMS website
You can also browse the 2016 FT Ranking

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