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Dear Candidates! 

Before you start to apply, please read RULES AND REGULATIONS with ALL APPENDICES


Applicants for 2020/2021 Class are REQUIRED to register BOTH at:

  1. SGH International Programmes On-line Application System  (21 October - 4 November 2019)
  2. CEMS Selection Website (21 October - 5 November 2019)

Important notice on CPM Selection Web:

The selection process is performed based on your data input in this system, so in case there is a difference between the data of CPM and CEMS systems, we will make selection solely based on CPM system.

Due to the fact that CPM system is not yet linked to Virtual Dean's Office, and both the results of CNJO Language Competence Test and points for student activity will be uploaded after deadline for registration, please IGNORE information on your GPA, tests and student activity displayed in the system. If, by chance, the results after the 1st stage of selection are incorrect, you will have the opportunity to appeal for their correction.

Please remember:

  • Applications of those candidates who do not register at BOTH websites will not be accepted!
  • All supporting documents: CV, letter of motivation, and (if applies) langauge certificates (or internet results if paper document is not available)/diplomas/secondary education certificates, transcripts, declarations concerning the leave period, GPA report (of students who have already completed at least the first or second semester of studies)  shall be submitted by 5 November 2019 by 12:00 hours in a punched plastic document envelope to the box located in front of room 14, building A (ground floor).

  • A list of required documents, rules of filling in on-line applications, requried CV format etc. is published in the Appendix 2 to the rules and regulations. Please read it carefully before entering any data.





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