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​CEMS MIM is a joint, one-year Master’s Programme in International Management offered exclusively to graduate students of CEMS member schools, since the degree itself is integrated with the last year of Master’s studies at each, local university.
The current structure of the programme reflects its unique selling point which, among others, is the “bridge” between theory and practice.

  • Obligatory semester abroad in one of the CEMS schools.
  • Block Seminar (3 ECTS – in Term 1) and Responsible Global Leadership Seminar (1 ECTS - in Term 2) at the beginning of each semester of studies.
  • CEMS Courses (45 ECTS) and Research Projects (optional, to replace up to 7.5 ECTS in courses)
  • Business project (15 ECTS) in Term 2 
  • Skill seminars (at least 4 days for 2 ECTS in total) including mandatory 2-day Skill Seminar on Business Communication in English in Term 1
  • International Internship (at least 8 weeks*, but suggested period is 10 weeks) or at home in international company for those who spend both CEMS terms abroad (Tri-National Track) 
  • Fluency in at least three languages (including mothertongue)
  • Graduation from home university

    *) 8-week period refers only to students fo 2016/2017 or later class


  • Internationalism: The MIM prepares each graduate to become a globally experienced management professional
  • Business embeddedness: The MIM develops each graduate to apply advanced management and leadership competencies grounded in experiential learning
  • Responsible Citizenship: The MIM develops each graduate to manage her/himself, others and the business with the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility and professional integrity
  • Reflective critical thinking: The MIM develops each graduate to become a critical, creative and influential thinker, decision-maker and problem-solver.
  • Comprehensive Leadership: The MIM prepares each graduate to assume leadership responsibilities early in her/his career, at all levels: personal, group, organisational and societal leadership


  • CEMS MIM diploma is granted after successful completion of all programme components during the official Graduation Ceremony organised as part of CEMS Annual Events at the break of November and December in one of the member schools.


As a process of constant improvement of CEMS MIM Programme to make it more aligned to CEMS values and profile, CEMS is introducing some major or minor changes to the programme curriculum and rules. The latest change is the shortening of minimum period for international internship from 10 to 8 weeks.


Detailed desciption of each programme components one can find in the: Student Guide for the CEMS MIM Programme and Guide to CEMS Language Testing available at CEMS Website

When downloading Student or Language Guide, please choose the one that refers to your academic year!