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​In this section we will inform you about various social activities organised by CEMS students or for which we are invited to. This is also a place to share with you the success or distinctions awarded to CEMS staff, students and alumni at SGH.


Inauguration Ceremony of CEMS MIM Programme for 56 students selected for its 2016/2017 Class was held on 18 May 2016 in Auditorium A at 17.00 hours. SGH and CEMS authorities were represented by:

Prof. M. Gruszczyński - Vice Rector for Research and International Relations
Prof. J. Prokop - Vice Rector (Elect) for International Relations
Prof. M. Jarosiński - CEMS Academic Director at SGH, and
Mr. Grzegorz M. Augustyniak - CEMS Programme Manager at SGH

CEMS MIM lecturers were represented by Prof. Piotr Płoszajski.

During the ceremony, the students received the official CEMS MIM Admission Certificates handed in by Prof. M. Gruszczyński. Together with the certificate, students got a small SGH gift. After the award ceremony, the representatives of SGH congratualed the students for their achievement, wishing them all successful completion of this prestigious, global and unique Master's degree programme.

 Prof. M. Gruszczyński                        The Audience

Next, Mr. Jan Kowalski, student of 2015/2016 Class and former CEMS Club President, shared his experience and practical tips with his younger colleagues, At the end the floor was given to Ms. Klaudia Skwarło - CEMS Club President, and Mr. Przemysław Winszczyk - CEMS Student Board representative of SGH, who encouraged the class to actively support CEMS activities and create true CEMS spirit at SGH and during their term abroad.


 Handing in the Admission Certificates                                                    Class 2016-2017 Group Photo

At the end, all participants were invited for a cocktail to continue discussions and networking informally.

We wish our new cohort of CEMS MIM students exciting studies and successful graduation!


CEMS Day 2015
All candidates for CEMS MIM Programme, who wish to learn more about CEMS and the selection process are kindly invited to come for "CEMS Day 2015" Information Session to be held on 19 May 2015. Details will be announced soon.
  • CEMS Global Student Board Meeting in Warsaw, SGH, 20-24 April 2015
  • CEMS V4 Conference, SGH, 22-24 April 2015


CEMS Student from SGH in Bocconi winning team in Warsaw Negotiation Round 2015

During Warsaw Negotiation Round 2015 held on April 24-26 Karol Chilimoniuk 2014/2015 Class CEMS MIM student – was a member of the winning team from University of Bocconi in Milan. More...

CEMS Student Board led by SGH student

Mr. Karol Górnowicz (2012/2013 Class) since last year chairs CEMS Global Student Board - the supreme student body in the CEMS Governance. More on CEMS Student Board.
"From SGH to Harvard"  Contest

Mr. Mateusz Poreda (2012/2013 Class) is among four winners of the Grand Prix "From SGH to Harvard"  Contest. As a result, Mr. Poreda will become a part of Harvard Club o Poland mentorship programme and will be invited to Harvard University.

Student's Nobel Prize

Mr. Jakub Florkiewicz (2012/2013 Class - former CEMS Club President) is one of the winners of the "Student's Nobel Prize" place on 3rd position. He is also awarded "The Best Polish Student" Prize in Economics and the "Top Student of Mazovia".

CEMS Student among finalists of the " L’Oréal Brandstorm" Contest

Ms. Anna Tworek (2013/2014 Class) with two other SGH students were finalists of the " L’Oréal Brandstorm" Contest held in Paris on 20 June 2013. SGH team was one of 37 teams selected from teams gathering over10,000 from 320 universities in 45 coutnires of the World.

Google Online Marketing Challenge 2013

Mr. Adrian Rybicki (2013/2014 Class) was a member of SGH Team during Google Online Marketing Challenge 2013. The team was highly recognised for its project on internet sales of longboards. The grade "Strong" for the project was awarded just to 32 teams classified just behing the finalists.


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