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CEMS Master candidates, on entry (at the selection process) must be fluent in two or (in selected schools) three languages, either of which may be mothertongue:
  1. English (Accredited commercial tests)
  2. Any CEMS language (currently 25 - see the list) at B2/B1 Oral/Written proficiency levels
  3. Any language: CEMS or non-CEMS (same as 2nd language requirements or introductory course worth 5-6 ECTS, or B1 level commercial certificate/course if taken within 2 years before CEMS MIM year). 
In case of students with English as a mothertongue, the student must prove proficiency in two other foreign languages: one from list of CEMS langagues (see below) at B2 oral and B1 written level, and any other language as described above. If a student declares more than one mothertongue, he or she must sign a honorary statement that the student indeed is proficient in that language.


SGH requires two langauges on entry, but awards with extra points those students who may prove their fluency in the third language during the selection process.


On graduation all CEMS students must have some fluency in at least three languages:
  1. English - by passing Business Communication Skill Seminar in Term 1 or mothertongue, or CPE Grade A*
  2. CEMS language (mothertongue, secondary educations or university degree, MBC test at B2 oral/B1 written levels, CEMS accredited langguage course at min. B2 level, In-house test at CEMS school - min. B2 level, Accredited commercial test - min. B2 level)
  3. Any language (as above plus: Accredited In-house test at B1 level, if taken max. 2 years before CEMS MIM year and Elementary level introductory course (5-6 ECTS) at CEMS university, EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution and at accredited cultural institute.

*) Only for student of 2011/2012 or before 

In case of SGH students:

  • graduates of BA studies at SGH, who completed tutorials in other than English language, or
  • all SGH students who achieved min. 60 points from CNJO Language Competence Test in other than English language, or
  • students who presented selected commercial test certificates (accredited by CEMS)**

fulfill exit requirements, by providing requried CNJO/commercial test certificates.

**) the list of CEMS accredited certificates is narrower than a list of certificates that are accepted at SGH at entry level and is available HERE.

In order to assess the level of proficiency CEMS was using a very extensive system of language testing in a form of MBC Tests (Management and Business Communication Tests) or Accredited courses. The third option to fulfill language requirements was to pass a commercial test  or to present university degree programmes conducted in the given language.
Currently, the rules have dramatically changed making MBC Test organisation pretty doubtful. The reasons are: proficiency in English is now assured by mandatory in Term 1 BCSS seminar, and fluency in the second language in most cases is limited to some very basic course. Besides, the obligation to offer MBC Tests is now limited only to exams author's schools (in case of SGH it is MBC Test in Polish) for those students who do really need it.
More information on MBC Tests, Accredited Presentation (MBC Test equivalent for SGH studnets with very good final grade form SGH tutorials) and related to them schedules and fees are available in the subpages.


If you fail or cannot pass your language test based on regular MBC test or in form of accredited presentation, you may still fulfill that requirement by passing and presenting one of the required commercial tests (2nd or 3rd language) at certain level or by passing commercial course offered by selected Cultural Institutions (for 3 rd language the minimum is elementary level course at 4-6 contact hours oer week in one semester).


The MIM programme includes the “tri-national track” option, in which the candidate will spend his/her second term abroad either:

  • outside the country where the candidate’s undergraduate degree (or equivalent) is issued; or
  • outside the country where the candidate’s Master`s degree is going to be issued.

Candidates who include the tri-national track in their study programme are exempted from examination in the second or third language (if the second langauge is thier mothertongue).


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