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CEMS Management and Business Communication (MBC) Tests in all CEMS major languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish) are organised twice a year:

  • April/May
  • September

MBC tests used to be a basic and nearly the only way to fulfill CEMS graduation requirements in English and other CEMS langauges. However, due to changes in curriculum, especially in 2012, their role is gradually diminishing due to the following reasons:

  • English :Since May 2013 MBC Tests in English are no longer offered. All students of the class 2011/2012 or earlier, who did not validated their proficiency in English instaed of MBC Test will have to join BCSS seminar organised in all CEMS schools in Term 1, or to pass CPE commercial test with grade A, or apply for Accredited Presentation at SGH (SGH studnets only) provided they fulfill entry criteria for this type of exam.
  • Second, Third and more Languages (FL2): Instead of MBC Tests and previously applied exemptions (university degree, secondary education, CEMS accredited language course), CEMS is now accepting: a wide list of commercial tests and Accredited in-house tests at CEMS schools. In case of studnets whose mothertongue is one of 25 CEMS languages, the thrid langauge requirement might also be fulfilled by elementary level introductory course (5-6 ECTS) offered by CEMS, or EQUIS/AACSB accredited institutions or accredited cultural institute.
  • The cost of MBC test, due to high cost of preparatrion of the test and low number of studnets taking it is now ca. 300 € per language (if taken by one student, it is exactly the cost), which does not make it affordable to the school and the student if charged a full fee,

All these changes and flexibilities, the costs, and limited offer of MBC tests at CEMS schools (the obligation of offering MBC tests lies now exlusively on so-called „author schools” of the given langauge. In SGH case, we are obliged to offer – for a fee – Polish MBC test) means that MBC test will eventually disappear.

Since most of SGH students fulfill FL2 requirements already at entry, in almost all cases there is no need to organise MBC test for them anymore. Of course, if you need a test or wish to get a higher grade in ESOP/CEF scale, you may still register for such exma, however you must be aware of high fees, especially if ther are just one or few students who wish to take such tests.

Detailed rules on CEMS Langauge Testing is available in the Student MBC Guide and other curriculum guides.


If you really need to take MBC test, you have to register for it on-line via CEMS Website by logging in into your personal profile (private zone) and looking for na available link to register next to the name of the school you wish to take MBC test at.

The link looks like that:

„Tests for Business Communication – click to register”

Preparation Packs and Example Tests are available currently in your private zone Library (top right option in the task band) under „Preparation for Business Communication Tests”.
Detailed schedules and fees are presented in the subpage: Test Schedules and Fees