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SGH is not offering any MBC tests, unless requested to organise test of Polish. In such cases, the dates will be set individually.


Generally speaking fees for language tests are set by each CEMS school. Due to high cost of test preparation, conduct and grading SGH has decided to introduce exam fees for SGH students taking both written and oral exams at SGH and SGH students taking written test in other schools.

Due to changes in language requirements (BCSS skills and new rules on the third langauge) the availability of MBC test will become more an more limited. That is why, some test may be available exclusively in the given language author schools. It means that SGH students taking the oral test abroad might be charged a fee to compensate the cost of organising the oral exam by the language author's school. Since these ciosts are very high (currently 300 € per language), most probably studnets will not be interested in taking MBC test anymore and will decide to take a commercial test instead.

FEES (per one language)

Test​ ​Who Fee​
​Written MBC test ​SGH students taking exams at SGH or other CEMS school on individual basis
​Oral MBC test ​SGH students taking exam at SGH on individual basis

All fees must be paid within two weeks after registration deadline:

to the following account:

Bank name: ​ ​Bank Pekao SA, Branch in Warsaw
​Address: ​ul. Rakowiecka 25/27, 02-517 Warsaw, Poland
​Account No. (IBAN) ​PL 66 1240 6003 1111 0000 4946 5213
​Beneficiary: ​Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)
​Title of transfer: ​CEMS MBC Test, Language(s), Surname & Name, April or September, Year

Once you make a payment, please sent a pdf of your bank transfer confirmation to CEMS Programme Manager at SGH within one week after payment deadline!