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​Block Seminar is the CEMS MIM opening event to all students of the given class. It is a week long intensive course delivered by lectureres from SGH and other CEMS schools with participation of CEMS Corporate and Social Partners. It may be organised at SGH or in a remote area, depending on the seminar concept. Participation in the seminar is mandatory to all Term 1 students who register for it. Those assigned for the whole term at SGH - both local and incoming - (unless they relocate for another seminar) have to join it.
In case of sickness or other force majeure case, you may ask your local Programme Manager/Academic Director for permission to take it elswhere (if it is still possible) or next year.
A Happy Global Career

23-27 September 2019


SGH or the resort outside Warsaw (tbc)

Prof. Jacek MIROŃSKI (SGH) and Prof. Zoltan BUZADY (CUB)
and invited guest speakers and lecturers (tba)
Seminar Fee:
300 € (or 1300 PLN) that includes: 
  • In case organising the seminar at SGH: study materials, lunches, coffee-breaks and opening/closing dinners,
    selected extracurricular activities. 
  • In case of organising the seminar outside SGH: transfer to and from the venue, 
    study materials, accommodation, meals and extracurricular activities. 

The fee must be paid to the SGH account (details will be in the Registration Form, see Documents section of this webpage) by 31 August 2019.

All students are expected to arrive in Warsaw by Sunday morning on 22.09.2019 (if the BS is organised outside Warsaw) or in the afterioon (if organised at SGH). Incoming CEMS students are expected to arrive before 20.09.2019 (Wednesday) due to mandatory orientation days. Details will be announced in due time. The seminar classess end on Fridy 27.09.2019 at 17:00 hours, followed by a farewell dinner. If our venue is outside SGH the departure from the resort is planned for Saturday 28.09.2019 after breakfast.
The seminar concept:
The three major objectives of the course are to inform, suggest, and, most of all, inspire. The course is to provide the students with broad information on a variety of topics related to planning and implementing a happy global career, understood as a career which is a source of happiness and fulfilment. We shall discuss and analyze several concepts such as happiness, flow, successful career, global opportunities and challenges. On that base, the course intents to suggest the different actions that students like you may take on the ideas discussed. Those actions include self-reflection, job market analysis, key competences development, search for best practices. And finally, the course is to inspire the students by presenting a diversified picture and real life examples of unlimited opportunities that today’s and future world creates for your career development.

  • Block Seminar Course Objectives and Draft Agenda​ (detailed agenda will be provided after confirming the venue place)
  • Student's Registration Form with fee seminar fee payment details (deadline for submission: 30 June 2019 ) - to be published at the beginning of June. 
  • Study materials and assignments before the seminar (to be announced and sent in advance)
  • Practical Info Booklet (to be published in early September)

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