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​Block Seminar is the CEMS MIM opening event to all students of the given class. It is a week long intensive course delivered by lectureres from SGH and other CEMS schools with participation of CEMS Corporate and Social Partners. It may be organised at SGH or in a remote area, depending on the seminar concept. Participation in the seminar is mandatory to all Term 1 students who register for it. Those assigned for the whole term at SGH - both local and incoming - (unless they relocate for another seminar) have to join it.
In case of sickness or other force majeure case, you may ask your local Programme Manager/Academic Director for permission to take it elswhere (if it is still possible) or next year.
Unleashed! Innovative Business Ventures in Practice

18-22 September 2017
SGH, Warsaw

Building C, Al. Niepodległości 128 
Room: tba
Groupwork rooms: tba
Prof. Piotr PLOSZAJSKI and team of practitioners from different companies 
Seminar Fee:
240 € (or 1000 PLN) that includes: lunches and coffee breaks, study materials, opening and closing dinner, and extracurricular activities. The fee must be paid to the SGH account (details in the Registration Form, see Documents section of this webpage) by 7 September 2017.

Accommodation should be arranged by yourself, unless we will be able to provide it at extra cost at SGH dormitory in the dates 17-23 September (those staying for Term 1 will continue to stay in their rooms after the Seminar). Details concerning the prices (moderate) will be provided soon.
Seminar concept (aims)

To stimulate and nurture entrepreneurial drive among MIM students, and enrich MIM curriculum with a practical course benchmarked to the best B-Schools’ offering

The Seminar will cover three complementary components that are critical for success of many  start ups: entrepreneurship; innovation, and leadership

Each component should offer both theory and  practical application – and ideally will be developed by joint effort of academic and business experts

The experience will be enriched by study and discussion of real-life cases – especially presented first-hand by entrepreneurs, innovators and venture capitalists

  • Block Seminar Concept (tentative)
  • Student's Registration Form with fee seminar fee payment details (deadline for submission:1 September 2017 )
  • Study materials and assignments before the seminar (to be announced and sent in September just before the BS) 
  • Seminar agenda (tentative to be published in September)
  • Practical Info Booklet (to be published in early September)

TEACHING MATERIALS AND ASSIGNMENTS (to be placed before or during BS)
Lecturer or guest speaker ​Material 1 Material​ 2




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