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The offer of skill seminars for each term is placed here and sent by email to the current class students at SGH. We will be posting skill seminars offered by SGH or other shools' lecturers, training companies and corporate partners.

Final validation of skill seminars will be based on participants' list submitted by an instructor and will appear in CEMS database. Students who request to accept as skill seminar training sessions organised by companies outside MIM programme, should submit such request along with seminar certificated and description (including exact duration of such seminar) to CEMS Programme Manager at SGH.
According to CEMS MIM rules, students may resign (sending notification to CEMS Programme Manager at SGH) no later than 5 days before the seminar, unless the student may provide valid justification (sickness, accident or other major case). Such cancellation does not involve any sanctions.
Missing one skills without cancellation or valid justification results in ban on registrations for any skill seminar in the current and next term! In addition, after a ban period, it results in automatic placement of a student in the last order on Waiting List for any skill seminars. Missing two skill seminars without cancellation or valid justification may result in removing the students from CEMS MIM Programme. Please observe these rules in order to avoid such complications in pursuing your CEMS MIM Programme.
In Term 1 (Fall Semester) all CEMS MIM students have to pass a mandatory Business Communication Skill Seminar (2-day) that replaces CEMS MBC Test in English. The only waiver from the skill seminar is a successfully passed CEMS Accredited Course in English (organised by selected schools).

More info and the schedule on Business Communication Skill Seminar



In Term 2 (Spring Semester) there is also a mandatory skill seminar within CEMS Launching Event on Global Responsible Leadership.

More info on Global Responsible Leadership

Registration for skill seminars is done via google forms and on first-come first-served basis. Details about registration can be found in file attached for each skill seminar. Confirmation of registration will be sent after the deadline for each skill seminar.
Seminar topic and description                                        ​Company/University



Importance of personality profiling in running business

 2018_1_skill seminar Hilti.pdf2018_1_skill seminar Hilti.pdf

Hilti (0.5 day)



registration via google form



registration closed


Creation of a new product - from concept to market introduction 

2018_1_skill seminar Henkel s.pdf2018_1_skill seminar Henkel s.pdf

2018_1_skill seminar Henkel agenda.pdf2018_1_skill seminar Henkel agenda.pdf

Henkel (1 day)




registration via google form


registration closed


Developing and managing a successful payment cards business for the retail bank in Poland

 2018_1_skill seminar Mastercard.pdf2018_1_skill seminar Mastercard.pdf

Mastercard (1-day)




registration via google form


 registration closed


Flow Leadership Skills Development


2018_1_skill seminar Fligby .pdf2018_1_skill seminar Fligby .pdf 

SGH & Corvinus Business School (2-days) ​1-2.12.2018  

registration via google form

 registration open

Company visit description​​ ​Company Dates​

​Brunch at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield 

2018_1_URW -Brunch form with registration_2.pdf2018_1_URW -Brunch form with registration_2.pdf

​Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield ​26.10.2018

registration via google form


registration closed


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 Photo coverage


Hilti SS photo.jpg

Skill seminar with Hilti (19.10.2018)

photo URW Brunch 2018.jpg
Brunch at URW (26.10.2018)