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​SGH students are able to participate in internships in Poland and abroad in accordance with WARSAW SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS STUDENT INTERNSHIP RULES & REGULATIONS.


More about internships at SGH you can find at:

for Bachelor Students

for Master Students


Internships implemented abroad are eligible for Erasmus+ KA103 funding in accordance with the rules listed below.





Erasmus+ Student Charter

​Contact person in International Centre

Mgr inż. Agata KOWALIK
tel. +48 22 564 98 44
pok. 17, bud. A



    Finding a hosting institution is the student’s responsibility.
    You are also encouraged to review past students’ evaluations from conducted internships.
  2. PRE-DEPARTURE DOCUMENTS  should be submitted to the International Centre (CPM) at least a month before the internship begins. Documents should be filled out on computer and printed on both sides (for files containing more than one page).
  • CONFIRMATION FORM OF ACCEPTING THE STUDENT (hard copy; filled out electronically) - signed by employer (signature & seal) and by the student/

  • LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR TRAINEESHIPS (3 hard copies; it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided) - signed by employer (signature & seal) and by the student

  • annex 1

  • annex 2

  • ISCED codes for majors offered at SGH

  • PLACEMENT AGREEMENT (3 hard copies; it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided) - signed by employer (signature & seal) and by the student
  • EXCHANGE REQUEST it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided

  • STATEMENT concerning programmes conducted abroad

  • LANGUEAGE CERTIFICATE (at least B2 level) – language proficiency can be confirmed by a commercial certificate, diploma of completing secondary or higher education in a foreign language (same as the working language of the site of internship), language competence test from SGH’s Foreign Language Centre (CNJO) or certificate from CNJO confirming exam results from the obligatory language course at B2 level or higher.

  • Completing the OLS test prior to departure

  • Copy of European Healtg Insurance Card

  • Accident and liability insurance (OC and NNW)* - provided by SGH for 4 weeks for students of Finance and Accounting and 3 weeks for all other students; the insurance is provided once for each student at each study level; for the remaining period of internship, students are obliged to buy out individual insurance plans. Copy of the insurance must be submitted along with all other application documents.

* ATTENTION! SGH does not provide its graduates with liability and accident insurance in the course of their internships abroad. All graduates are obliged to purchase individual liability and accident (OC and NNW) insurance and provide International Centre with their copy along with all other required documents. Liability (OC) insurance must include damage caused by program participant on the site of conducted internship.
The maximum length of the internship students are allowed to obtain funding for is 6 months, with the minimum internship duration being 2 full months (60 days).

Thus, all internship documents: the financial agreement, Learning Agreement for traineeships, Confirmation form of accepting the student and application for going abroad must contain the same two dates confirming the 2-month minimum length of the internship.




Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is mandatory for students going on exchange or internship within Erasmus + program. It referrs to students who are going to study abroad in one of the following languages:

  • English,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Dutch,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • Czech,
  • Danish,
  • Greek,
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish.

There are other official EU languages planned to be added to the list above.

Before the beginning of mobility each student going for study or placement abroad is obliged to fill in the online language test.
ATTENTION! Link to the test will be sent to students SGH email address and OLS account must be established on this email address.

On the basis of the test’s result the university may award the interested students with the licence for online language course. The course will be available during student’s mobility period.

ATTENTION – students whose result will be B1 or lower will receive such licence and will be obliged to take the online course (OLS system automatically award the licence).

Before the end of mobility students will receive the link to the second language test – the link will be valid only for few days. The test has to be taken immediately [remember to check your SPAM folder]





FINANCIAL AGREEMENT (2 copies; it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-side)

Information about grant rates for internschips abroad in the academic year 2016/2017: 


​Group 1: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and Italy  EUR 600,00 per month​​*
Group 2:​ ​​Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey ​  EUR 500,00 per month​​*
Grupa 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary EUR 400,00 per month​​​​*


* Students with certified disabilities may apply for additional funds. Applications for the extra funds are to be submitted to SGH’s Erasmus program coordinator. The additional funding (higher than rates specified in the tables below) will be settled as real costs, i.e. those requiring financial documentation. Costs should be moderate and reflect the student’s real needs pertinent to the type of disability.


70% of the scholarship is paid prior to the mobility, while the remaining 30% is received when the student accounts for the mobility period upon return.





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