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 Rules for the conference organization

The conference is organized by the scientific and teaching unit of Warsaw School of Economics, which submits a draft of the conference and is responsible for all organizational issues. Conferences may have the university, national or international status.
Status is determined by the organizer. It depends on the issues, the scientific committee and planned participants. Conference application should take place at least 10 months before the planned event.
Conference organizer oversees all matters related to the essential, financial and organizational process of the conference.
Especially, the Organizer is responsible for:
  1. Defining the conditions for the organization of the conference (thematic scope, date, location) - 10 months before the conference.
  2. Obtaining permission for organising the conference from WSE Authorities (Dean, Rector) - 10 months before the conference.
  3. Setting up a scientific and organizational committee - 10 months before the conference.
  4. Description of the conference programme (presentations, workshops, additional events) - 10 months before the conference.
  5. The selection and invitation of speakers and VIP guests - 10 months before the conference.
  6. Planning the conference budget , sources of its funding, determination of the conference fee amount - 8 months before the conference.
  7. Preparation of the cost estimation (the form is available on the Conference Department website) and submission for approval of Rector and Accounting Department – 8 months before the conference.
    Accepted estimate and starting up the conference budget line is the basis for the implementation of financial commitments related to the conference organization.
    Spending resources for covering the conference costs should be in accordance with Public Finance Act and Public Procurement Act.
    Conference fees must be placed by bank transfer on a specially dedicated for this purpose bank accounts at Bank Pekao SA
    95 1240 1040 1111 0010 5574 7272 (payments in PLN)
    PL 03 1240 1040 1978 0010 5571 0234 (payments in EURO)
    Bank transfer must include the name and surname of the participant and the name of the conference.
  8. Acquisition of sponsors, partners, donors - 8 months before the conference.In the case of co-organizing a conference by the Warsaw School of Economics with an external institution, the mutual obligations should be specified in the sponsorship/cooperati agreement (the contract form is available on the Conference Department website).
    In case of receipt of funds from other units within the advertising and co-hosting of the conference, method of settlement funds shouldbe specified in the contract. Services related to advertising are taxed 23%.
  9. The conference organizer is responsible for preparing the agreement draft, and then obtaining the Legal Department, Accounting Department and Chancellor approval and also sponsors/co-organizers approval. Both sides signed agreement is the basis for settlements with the sponsor or co-organizer of the conference, ie. receiving and issuing relevant financial documents by Warsaw School of Economics.
  10. Registration and selection of scientific papers management process (developing formal requirements for abstracts, publications, contact with reviewers and authors).
  11. Information activities aimed at announcing the event among people interested in conference (sending invitations, creation of a website, promotion in media, portals and trade publications).The organizers who would like to inform the media about the event should report it to the WSE Spokesman, responsible for accepting messages sent out to the press, radio and television.
  12. Preparation of conference materials, programmes, posters, invitations. WSE logo is owned by the WSE and is legally protected. Communications Office decides on its use. If you have questions or concerns regarding putting WSE logo in materials promoting organized event, please contact Communications Office.
  13. Providing local and technical background. While planning the conference individually checking, or with the Conference Department help, the availability of conference rooms/auditoriums in the chosen dates and booking them. Conference Department needs information about the place where the conference will take place: requirements for the arrangement,
    marking spaces, audiovisual and technical service, media service (form is available on the Conference Department website).
  14. Financial settlement and the conference summary. Conference organizer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of source documents related to the conference settlement and is supposed to collect and storage the documentation in accordance with the WSE regulations.