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 Video Conference


Conference Department invites you to use the video conferencing system.

Video conferencing provide completely new opportunities in the teaching process by abolishing barriers of distance. In a moment, we can be in any place in the world and actively participate in classes at other universities. We can consult or exchange views, both on the academic as well as at the level of Student Scientific Clubs. Video conferencing is an interactive form of lectures, seminars, consultations and examinations.

In room 221 in Building A, there is a mobile equipment for the interactive multimedia communications. High Definition equipment guarantees a high quality transfer.

The system includes:

  • 40” LCD TV,
  • Internet connection,
  • terminal, camera, microphone,
  • presentation computer.

The room where the equipment is installed, is also equipped with:

  • presenter table,
  • round table with six chairs for conference participants,
  • multimedia projector and the screen,
  • white blackboard,
  • press wall with WSE logo.

Video conferencing system allows communication "point-to-point" which means, that we can communicate with the one chosen place equipped with the video conferencing system. The connection starts after selecting on the remote control the appropriate IP address. This type of communication is not extra paid. System is operated by the remote control, thanks to which, among others, you can:

  • hear and see on the TV screen the participants of the meeting,
  • the camera is provided with an autofocus and zoom, it is possible to adjust the field of view of the camera. You can independently choose whom you want to see (the place or concrete detail, it concerns to the both images: viewed and broadcasted),
  • send and receive computer presentation,
  • watch at the screen at the same time: the view which we are connected to, ourselves, computer presentation, or we can choose one of these in the full screen,
  • control the volume.

Our video conference system is a modern, fast way of communication. One of the advantages is, by the technique of the video, increasing the suggestiveness and the efficiency of communication, comparing to the telephone calls. It also saves time and travel costs. On request, the system can be installed in another room or auditorium, which is connected to the Internet.

Conference Department takes care of the conference room and of the video conferencing system. Conference Department is located in the room 207, Building A, phone no. 22 564 9452. Here you can get all the details about using the system and booking the room.
Orders can be placed also at:

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