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 Scope of office responsibilities

  1. Conference Department is the unit responsible for supporting the organization of conferences, university ceremonies and other even arising from the teaching activities and research and scientific activities.
  2. Conference Department provides assistance to event organizers in:
    • logistics - booking rooms and auditoriums, providing accommodation for the guests, providing transport, organization of accompanying events (concerts, trips),
    • catering service - catering service request under gradual agreement and supervising its implementation; assistance and advice in organizing gala dinners outside WSE (negotiating the terms of cooperation and concluding the agreement); settlement of catering services; supervision over the proper flow of documents and archiving,
    • promotional support - support in the preparation and distribution of handouts and promotional materials regarding the event, SGH, Warsaw (flyers, brochures, posters, invitations),
    • administration - consultation and help with the cost estimate, services valuation, selecting and acquiring suppliers, networking and negotiation of terms of cooperation with contractors, ordering and services settlement, keeping records, supervision over the proper flow of documents and archiving,
    • technical services  - building arrangement for the conferences; coordination of matters related to the preparation of technical background: audiovisual service, equipment and marking the space,
    • organizational services – co-ordination of conferences; supervising the work of suppliers and subcontractors; care of the guests and  participants while staying at WSE; ongoing support for the organizers, 
    • media - photography, film, video conferencing and online transmission:
      • preparation of photographic and film documentation of selected events related to scientific achievements, academic, school ceremonies,  visits of important guests, scientific conferences, interviews with academic teachers,
      • recording and montage of films that promote WSE and its units, educational and scientific achievements, 
      • video conferencing between Polish and foreign universities,
      • online broadcasts from the important for WSE celebrations and events,
      • care of the photo gallery installed in the Main Building,
      • collecting, archiving and digitizing photographic and film materials for the WSE needs,
      • editing photo and film materials for presentation on the Conference Department website,
      • filming classes,
      • sharing ready to print photo materials (for example for WSE Magazine, WSE Printing House). 
  3. Conference Department tasks contain also: verification and updating of the contact detail guests base.
  4. Conference Department during the implementation of the tasks cooperates with the appropriate School units.

Detailed tasks are placed in: Tekst ujednolicony opracowany na podstawie: zarządzenia nr 61 z dnia 23 października 2013 r.; zarządzenia nr 10 z dnia 27 marca 2014 r. i zarządzenia nr 8 z dnia 31 stycznia 2015 r.