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 ​The use of the logo


Abridged guidelines regarding the use of logo in graphic design:

  • the SGH logo should be set on a uniform background only;
  • the size of the protection area depends on the logo dimensions – the area’s width should be equal to double height of the N character in the coat of arms;
  • after printing, the coat of arms should measure at least 18 mm in diameter; otherwise, it is legible and cannot be accepted;
  • when using the logo near the edge of the page, the entire protection area must be included on the page;
  • the conventional colour of the logo is Pantone 3298; CMYK: C=100, M=0, Y=57, K=42; RGB: R=0, G=113, B=97; HTML: #007161; however, it does not need to be green; other acceptable colours of the logo are black and white; if the logo is to be set on a non-white background, the white variant of the logo should be used.

When the logo is used on the Internet, one should ensure that it is legible, with minimum resolution of 72 ppi, set on a uniform background and in an appropriate distance from other objects (the protection area must be preserved as described above). When resizing the logo, please ensure that the appropriate proportions are kept.

Before it is published or distributed, every graphic design that includes the SGH logo – ordered or made by the University’s units or companies and external organisations – must be accepted by the SGH Promotion and Admissions Office with respect to the appropriate use of the logos. The designs should be sent to: dpir (at




​The full Polish name of the University reads Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, and its official abbreviation is SGH.
The English and Russian translations of the name are as follows:

  • the SGH Warsaw School of Economics (abbreviated as the SGH)
  • SGH Высшая школа экономики в Варшаве (abbreviated as SGH)

The name „Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie” and its abbreviation „SGH”, as well as the coat of arms of the University are registered as European Union trade mark and therefore are protected by law in all member states of the EU.




​The font used in SGH is Zapf Humanist. This typeface is used only in official capacity, for instance in the logo. The name of the University should be written exclusively in upper case letters (majuscule). The Zapf Humanist font should not be used for writing long, continuous texts.

Arial font is used as the default typeface for everyday purposes, for instance various office documents.








 The coat of arms of the SGH