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The date of the final bachelor exam is confirmed after fulfilling by a student the requirements specified in the plan of studies binding for a student ("absolutorium"). After the first term of examination period, please check the grades in Virtual Dean's Office. In case of any doubts regarding grades please direct questions to the person responsible for your studies in the Bachelor Dean's Office (room 5/5a/7). The final dates of defenses are announced in CONFIRMED DATES OF DEFENSES tab.

Please check the initial schedule of defenses regularly - the dates may change.

1. Deadline for submitting bachelor thesis (in Dean's Office):

  • for students of 6th semester who plan to take the final bachelor exam (defense) in July 2017: 31.05.2017 inclusive
  • for other students: 29.09.2016 inclusive


2.  Term of examination period:

  • Summer exam session 1 st sit: 12 June 2017 - 25 June 2017
  • Summer exam session 2nd sit: 23 September 2017 - 29 September 2017


3. Dates of final bachelor exams:

  • July: 10.07. - 21.07.2017
  • September and later: in accordance with dates of submitting theses and dates of obtaining "absolutorium" by students (fulfilling the requirements specified in the plan of studies) (october 2017 )

4. Planned work hours of examination board in July: Monday - Friday, 8:10-16:30. Planned work hours of examination board in July: Monday - Friday, 8:10-16:30

5. . The preliminary schedule of bachelor defenses planned in July in academic year 2016/2017, as well as standards of bachelor thesis are available on the website of Bachelor Dean's Office.

Organization and preparation of final exams (submitting theses, reviews, information about defenses, etc.):

Bachelor Dean's Office (room 103), tel. 564 99 20

Alina Kurzep e-mail:





  • After fulfilling the requirements specified in the plan of studies binding for a student, including obtaining the necessary numer of ECTS credit points, submitting the bachelor thesis (positively verified by SOLAD), gaining a positive grade for it from supervisor and reviewer and settling all the payments (if there are any) the student is admitted to the degree examination. 
  • The defence of thesis has form of oral examination before a board (chairperson – the Dean or person authorized by the Dean, supervisor and reviewer of the thesis). The exam consists of two questions: one relating to the subject matter of the thesis and one relating directly to the field of study.   
  • If, through the fault of the student, the examination is not carried out during two years from the date of fulfilling the requirements („absolutorium”), the student may be admitted to it only in the mode of resumption of studies and making up for the differences in curriculum. 
  • In the case of obtaining an unsatisfactory grade or an unjustified absence the Dean settles a second – final date (not sooner than one month later and not later than three months from the date of the first examination).
  • The graduate receives the diploma of graduation within 30 days from the day of taking the degree examination.
  • When graduating, the graduate receives a diploma in Polish language and, on his/her request, one or two copies of the diploma translated into English.


  • The final result of studies (grade on the diploma) is a sum calculated by adding:

1.      0,6 of the average calculated from grades obtained during the course of the entire studies, calculated on the basis of formula described in the Rules of Studies, except for the grade obtained for a degree seminar,

2.      0,3 of the arithmetical average of the supervisor’s and reviewer’s grade,

3.      0,1 of the arithmetical average of positive grades received for the examination.

  • The diploma of graduation includes a written final result of studies in accordance with the rule:

up to 3,30 - satisfactory,

above 3,30 to 3,75 - satisfactory plus,

above 3,75 to 4,20 - good,

above 4,20 to 4,60 - good plus,

above 4,60 – very good.

(full grade is shown only on the diploma, in other documents the real final result is given)

  • Granting a degree with honours is ruled by the Rector at the requested application from the examination board, which participates in the degree examination.
  • A graduate may obtain a degree with honours if the following conditions are fulfilled:

1.      studies have been concluded within the planned time limit,

2.      arithmetical average of grades obtained within the entire course of studies exceeds 4,70,

3.      the degree thesis was given the grade 5,0,

4.      the degree examination was passed with the grade of 5,0,

5.     the graduate has not violated rules included in the pledge throughout the studies.


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