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 What is Bachelor's Thesis

The completion of the thesis and its defence are necessary conditions for obtaining a university graduation diploma and a professional title. The thesis is prepared on the bachelor's seminar. By assent of the Dean, the thesis may be prepared collectively by two or three students.

§ 2 of Rector's order no. 7 on the issue of degree theses

1. The thesis should prove the ability to use the knowledge acquired in the course of the study by the student, demonstrate the skills and educational merit particular to a given field of study as well as employ relevant reading in the selected fields of research. It should confirm the skill of creating a coherent and logical paper delivered in accurate Polish using the language particular to the given field of knowledge or practice.

2. The Bachelor's thesis should demonstrate student's knowledge and skills in the area defined by the field of study oriented towards solving specific theoretical problems or synthetic knowledge presentation.


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