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 Specialisations within fields of study


According to § 17. Rules and Regulations of Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw:

"1. A student may complete his/her study in his/her field's major or in an interdisciplinary major if he/she receives positive assessment in all courses comprising a given major and in the case of a field's major submits a thesis on a related subject matter. A thesis may constitute a basis for graduating from more than one field major following the supervisor's and major tutor's recommendation in writing concerning its correspondence with educational results set for both majors.
2. At a student's request graduation from a field major shall be documented with an entry in the diploma and graduation from an interdisciplinary major - with a certificate. The application for a diploma entry concerning a field major graduation should be submitted by the date of submitting the thesis at the latest.The student may complete his/her major specialisation if he/she completes subjects forming the given specialisation, additionally submits the degree thesis thematically connected with the givenmajor specialisation".

Detailed lists of items are included in the plan of study and curriculm (specified for the academic year)