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Studies in English on the faculty of Global Business, Finance and Governance, International Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems and Management are payable. Please check the details in the relevant table of payments and/or in your contracts.

The most important information:

​2015/2016* ​2016/2017* ​2017/2018* ​2018/2019*​ 2019/2020*​​
​the fee for whole studies 11400 EUR
​​11400 EUR ​​11400 EUR ​11400 EUR ​----
​per academic year 3900 EUR ​3900 EUR ​3900 EUR ​​3900 EUR ​----
​per semester ​​2000 EUR ​2000 EUR ​2000 EUR ​2000 EUR ​2000 EUR
​for repeated subject (per 1 ECTS point) ​---- ​---- ​60 EUR ​60 EUR
​70 EUR
​for exceeding additional limit of 6 ECTS points (per 1 ECTS point) ---- ​---- ​60 EUR ​60 EUR ​70 EUR
*academic year in which a student started studies

Every student has their individual account number in EUR. The number and the balance are visible in Virtual Dean's Office.
The payments have to be made in EUR. Students admitted to studies under the rules other than binding Polish citizens need to submit a request for payment in instalments (semester/year) until the first day of the academic year, otherwise they are obliged to pay for the whole cycle. The deadline is always the first day of semester/academic year. Exceeding the deadline causes adding the interest.

In some cases there is a possibility of paying in monthly instalments (10x420 EUR) - check the details in the relevant table of payments.

The fee for the conditional enrolment should be paid within 2 weeks from the Dean's decision on the enrolment.

Sample of an agreement for foreigners 2018/2019

Sample of an agreement for polish citizens 2018/2019


Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, al. Niepodległości 162, 02-554 Warszawa
swift code: PKOPPLPW
title of the payment: name, surname, student's number, faculty name, opłata czesnego - całość/za rok/za semestr) (tuition fee per the whole studies/per year/per semester)

INVOICES can be issued within 3 months since the moment of payment. To get the invoice write a request with all the necessary data addressed to "Undergraduate Dean's Office") and bring it together with the proof of payment (form in PL and ENG).


The payment for student's card (5 zł) must be done in PLN into the individual account in PLN, visible in the Virtual Dean's Office. Students that started studies earlier and need to get a duplicate, are asked to contact the relevant assistant in Dean's Office.

The fee for it's duplicate in case of loss of the card or change of the data is 7,50 zł.
The title of the payment: name, surname, opłata za legitymację/student's card

Attention: from 25.04.2014, students admitted to studies based on tuition fee under the rules other than binding Polish citizens are discharged from the payment for the student's card (just the original), on the base of Rector's order No. 15.

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