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  1. A student, by submitting an application to the Office of Undergraduate Studies makes a request to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies to conduct a transfer of specific courses in which the students passed an exam.  
  2. On obtaining the Dean’s approval, the students shall contact the course coordinator.  
  3. The condition of applying for a transfer of a course shall be:
    • the submission of the syllabus of the completed course together with information on its duration,
    • the confirmation of the grade obtained at the exam (student’s record of studies + a supplement or a certificate from a relevant Office of Studies),
    • the submission of other documents which may be required by the coordinator,
    • not exceeding the limit of 15 ECTS points within the whole studies granted for transferred courses completed outside of the SGH,
    • paying the fee for the transfer (depending on the table of payments)
  4. On collecting the required documents (referred to in point 3) the student shall obtain from the course coordinator an opinion on the possibility of conducting (or not) the transfer of a basic subject, and from the supervisor of the field of study an opinion concerning a major subject.  
  5. The Dean shall perform the transfer of a grade to the record.  
  6. In other situations not mentioned in this procedure, the final decision as to the mode and resolution shall be made by the Dean.

Applications for commencement of the procedure of transfer of grades may be submitted by 15th November (for courses conducted in the winter semester) and by 15th March (for courses conducted in the spring semester).


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