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 Rules of submission of Bachelor's thesis


Matters concerning diploma theses are regulated by the Rector's order no. 23 from 20 March 2020 changing the Rector's order no. 45 from 19 September 2017 on diploma theses changed by the Rector's order no. 29 from 30 May 2019.
Uniformed text of Rector's order no. 45 from 19 September 2017.

Information about Archive of Diploma Theses APD
Final deadline for submitting the bachelor thesis in winter semester of the academic year 2019/2020 is:

For students who plan to take the Bachelor Exam in July: 1st of June 2020 (Monday) inclusive
For other students: 25th of September 2020 (Friday) inclusive

Bachelor’s Thesis should be prepared in number of copies corresponding to the number of authors (usually one copy), bearing in mind the following rules:

  • double-sided print
  • soft flat binding with clear and transparent front cover
  • the binding needs to hold pages firmly together. Comb-binding or hard cover of thesis is not acceptable.

The most important part of the thesis is its content. You need to pay attention for a few crucial from formal point of wiev matters:

  • The title page of the thesis must be the laid out according to the model (title page in Microsoft Word)
  • The second page should be left blank (or the list of content will be printed on the back of title page)
  • The last but one page is thesis summary
  • The last page is the declaration​ of the author/authors of the thesis with hand-written signature. It should be added at the end of thesis, it is not generated in APD.
  • In case of completing a specialization, you must write in on the title page of the thesis. On the diploma will be given only one specialization (first one), which will be written on the title page. Other specializations will be included in the supplement. Please do not write the between-major specialization on the title page.


​Formal requirements of the diploma thesis: Annex to the Rules and Regulation in Warsaw School of Economics
Template of the thesis - according to the Rector's order concerning diploma thesis

Bachelor thesis should be uploaded to Archive of Diploma Theses (APD) (INSTRUCTION)
ATTENTION: students studying in English write the whole thesis and fill in all the documents in English. While sending the thesis to APF choose the correct language, otherwise the documents will not be accepted.

In case of technical problems please contact IT support - Centrum Technologii Informatycznych:


Building "B" room 7A, tel.: 0-22 564 64 64

Bachelor thesis with Thesis Evaluation form printed from APD (login and password is the same as to SGH e-mail and VDO) SIGNED BY THE SUPERVISOR must be submitted to Undergraduate Studies Office, room 5 (Organization of Bachelor defences) during office hours.

​Documents submitted for the defence:

Attention! Foreign students of English studies, accepted on basis different that binding Polish citizens, are discharged from the payment for diploma. Polish citizens, studying in English, are discharged from additional payment for copy in English.

Above mentioned documents should be submitted to your assistant in Dean's office.