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 Exam in Economics

  • The closest date of the exam in Economics is March 26th, 2020 (Thursday).
  • The enrollment will be possible only through VDO.
  • Students will be informed about possibility of enrolling for the exam in Economics via email (SGH domain). 
  • In the case of later fulfilling the conditions required for admission to exam in Economics, notifications would be send (by the end of enrollment).
  • Exam in Economics - instruction
  • Student has the right to inspect her/his exam in Economics based on the paper application submitted to the Master's Dean Office within two working days of the publishing results. 


 master`s thesis exam


All details concerning submitting Master's Theses and defence schedule you will find in the Master's Dean Instruction:

  • INSTRUCTION in the winter semester of 2019/2020 academic year. 
  • INSTRUCTION in the summer semester of 2019/2020 academic year (you will find the questions in the right menu)


Information about the exam in Economics:

  • The exam in Economics, which is part of the diploma exam, has a written character and the form of the test.
  • The exam in Economics consists of 45 closed questions.
  • There are 5 answers to each question, of which only one answer is correct.
  • For every good answer you receive 1 point; no answer is worth 0 point, wrong answer costs you -0,25 point.
  • The exam in Economics lasts 90 minutes. 
  • To pass the exam in Economics you need to get at least 51% of maximum points.
  • The questions cover the thematic scope of General Economics, History of Economic Thought and Specialized Economics.
  • The exam in Economics includes 30 questions on General Economics, 3 on the History of Economic Thought,12 on Specialized Economics.

 You'll find the details of issues and literature beside.


 Oral exam in economics