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 master thesis and diploma - step by step guide


Below you will find some basic information about what the Master's Thesis is and what documents are required in order to obtain the diploma after the defense. 


 Seminar declaration


It is obligatory to submit Master’s seminar declaration. 

Deadline is the end of the second semester.  

Students who are resumpted or want to change the supervisor are asked to fulfill the declaration for seminar.

The application needs to be signed both by a student and by a supervisor. 

A supervisor can be any employer of SGH with at least PhD title.


 submitting a master thesis


 a. Deadline 

After two semesters of seminar, within a deadline given by a Rector in an Organization of the academic year ordinance, student is obliged to submit the thesis. Currently it is September 27th. Please remember  to settle any overdue payments with SGH. 

b. Procedure 

Master thesis needs to be checked by APD system (anti-plagiarism system) and approved by the supervisor.

Master thesis is submitted to the Dean`s Office in light cover. Together with the thesis, one is obliged to submit all necessary documents, specified on SGH website : 

  • Diploma thesis assessment printed from APD and signed by supervisor
  • The thesis signed and accepted by Supervisor (printed from APD)
  • Statement to the diploma supplement
  • Document of Payment for Diploma (Polish and English Version cost 100 PLN;
    students who study on the English programmes pay 60 PLN
    for all diplomas)   

c. Information about defence

Information about defense, will be send via e-mail, on SGH mailbox
two weeks before Master' thesis defence.


 What is a seminar

​A seminar is a form of classes, devoted to prepare you and guide through a master thesis writting process.

This class is worth 20 ECTS total, 8 ECTS for 1st semester and 12 ECTS for 2nd semester.

Each semester is credited separately – 1st with “pass”, 2nd with a grade written on an evaluation form, submitted together with the thesis.

 What is a Master thesis

​Master thesis should:
  • indicate the ability to use the knowledge acquired during their studies,

  • refer to the effects of education in given area and literature (critical understanding of theories and principles of their application, the ability to solve advanced problems in the theory and practice),
  • confirm the ability to construct a coherent, logical reading comprehension correct English language and language appropriate to the subject.

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 graduation - final exam and final grade

​Master studies are completed upon passing the Master’s examination.

Information about the exam in Economics:
  • The exam in Economics, which is part of the diploma exam, has a written character and the form of the test.
  • The exam in Economics consists of 45 closed questions.
  • There are 5 answers to each question, of which only one answer is correct.
  • For every good answer you receive 1 point; no answer is worth 0 point, wrong answer costs you -0,25 point.
  • The exam in Economics lasts 90 minutes. 
  • To pass the Exam in Economics you need to get at least 51% of maximum points.
  • The questions cover the thematic scope of General Economics, History of Economic Thought and Specialized Economics.
  • The exam in Economics includes 30 questions on General Economics, 3 on the History of Economic Thought,12 on Specialized Economics.

 obtaining a diploma


​In order to get the diploma (30 days after defense) you shall  the following: 

  • fill SGH leaving card (so called "Obiegówka")
  • print confirmation of payment for the diploma.
    The above-mentioned amount need to be paid to your individual PLN account no. (seen in Virtual's Dean Office).


Student can pick up a diploma personally or can authorize someone else to do it.

ATTENTION Picking up by authorized person is possible only by submitting by him/her notary authorization (original) or authorization filled in the presence of an employee of the Master's Dean Office of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics on forms given below:

 - Authorization to collect studies completion diploma together with duplicates and the supplement
- Authorization to collect documents submitted during recruitment process 

All graduates who wish to stay in touch with the SGH Warsaw School of Economics are invited to join the SGH Alumni Club.