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 how to transfer a grade?

Applications for the transfer of grade, together with the patron of major or the course coordinator shall be submitted by November 30th in the winter semester and by March 30th in the summer semester.
The Dean issues the decision concerning grade transfer within 14 days of submitting the completed application.

  • The ECTS value of transferred grades cannot exceed 10 ECTS
  • Grade transfer during the Master’s studies is only justified for courses completed within Master’s studies
  • Decisions concerning grade transfer are only issued at a Student’s request (the form).

    The petitioner is obliged to provide proper documentation, especially:
    • certification of course completion and the grade received, issued by the university where the course was completed,
    • list of substantial contents based on the course syllabus certified by the university where the course was completed (documents issued in a foreign language should be accompanied by sworn translations into Polish),
    • specification of the time period when the course was completed (grades received earlier than the last four semesters will not be transferred).

There's a possibility of transferring the grades completed at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics in the case of starting the second mayor or  re-admission. In such situation you shall submit application to the Dean in which the courses for  transferring should be specified.