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 how to transfer a grade?

Studies within the Bologna-process enable Students to acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge. This, as well as the wide course offer in the Warsaw School of Economics, does not force Students into transferring grades from courses completed at other universities or at the Warsaw School of Economics itself. In the cases when outstanding conditions justify such transfers, the appropriate Dean of Master’s Studies will issue a decision based on the following conditions.
Rules for grade transfer
  1. Grade transfer during the Master’s studies is only justified for courses completed within uniform  Master’s studies or complimentary Master’s studies. This is due to differences in instruction type between Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, as Bachelor’s studies are aimed at developing basic knowledge and skills for a specific profession, while Master’s studies are centered around specialist knowledge and preparation for creative work within a specific profession. Therefore, courses of the same names within these two types of studies, even when offered by one lecturer, are not uniform. For this reason, the grades received within Bachelor’s studies will not be transferred. This also refers to grades received during the Bachelor’s studies completed at the Warsaw School of Economics.
  2. Decisions concerning grade transfer are only issued at a Student’s request
    (please use the attached motion forms). The petitioner is obliged to provide proper documentation, especially:
    • Certification of course completion and the grade received, issued by the university where the course was completed,
    • List of substantial contents based on the course syllabus certified by the university where the course was completed (documents issued in a foreign language should be accompanied by sworn translations into Polish),
    • Specification of the time period when the course was completed (grades received earlier than the last four semesters will not be transferred).
  3. Grade transfer motions, together with the proof of fee payment, are to be delivered until 30th November in the winter semester and until 30th March in the summer semester.
  4. The ECTS value of transferred grades cannot exceed 10 ECTS.
  5. The Dean issues the decision concerning grade transfer within 14 days of motion delivery (given that the motion was complete).
  6. The restriction described in #1 does not refer to grades transferred as a consequence of changes in the programme of studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. 

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