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 transfers to SGH


Rules and regulation states:

§ 29

1. A  student  from  another  university  may  be  admitted  to  SGH  if  he/she  has  fulfilled conditions arising from provisions regulating a domestic or foreign university from which he/she intends to get transferred.

2. Admission  by  transfer  shall  be  decided  by  the  Dean  at  the  request  of  the interested student.

3. Transfers to the first semester shall not be allowed.

4. The planned period of study for students admitted by way of transfer shall account for  the  semesters  passed  at  the  university  at  which  they  have  been  studying  so far.

5. Transfer to full-time programmes may be only effected from full-time programmes.

6. While deciding an application for the transfer to SGH the Dean shall:

1) indicate courses he/she considers to be passed;

2) indicate courses which must be passed to close the existing curriculum gaps;

3) set the date and mode of taking the test in a foreign language and the date for passing the courses with curriculum discrepancies if he/she thinks that fit.


To start our procedures you need to submit:

- an application regarding transfer. This paper need to be addressed to the Dean.

- confirmation from your present University that you have 1st semester completed.

- list of completed lectures with grades and syllabuses

- presentation of your own analysis which from completed courses may be substituted from SGH offer (based on Teaching programmes and study plan for academic year 2015/16)

Additionally, based on Dean's decision you need to:

  • have Grade Point Avarage gained at your second degree's studies  minimum 4,0
  • no insufficient grades in your records

Patron of specified Major will run idividual analysis. This opinion will help our Dean to take final decision in your case.

What you need to do after possitive decision:

- send on email address one picture in jpg format, which will be submitted on your Student's ID
- fill personal form
- visit your assistant in our Office with documents mentioned above

You will be asked to sign the Pledge and an Agreement with our School.


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