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ITAM Summer School 2019

2019-02-04 kategoria: Studenci wyjeżdżający informacja 

​A multidisciplinary program jointly offered by faculties of: Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations with the purpose of providing international student with a thorough understanding of Mexico, Mexico’s business opportunities and Mexico´s global economic position vis a vis the rest of the world.
Fully taught in English, this course consists of a three-week academic module and an optional three week Spanish language module. Each worth 6 ITAM credit equivalent to 6 ECTS (48 contact hours) and taught by our full time, expert faculty.

Program dates:
•          Academic Module: June 24th to July 12th, 2019

Enrollment fee of:
•          Non-refundable enrollment fee of:  US$250
Tuition fees:
•          Tuition cost will be waived

If interested, submit the required language certificate and transcript of records issued by the Dean's Office (GPA at least 3,75) to the International Centre by April 18th 2019 (room 17, building A).

Need more information?  Check ITAM new brochure.