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Spring 2019 Rowny Paderewski Scholarship

2018-10-01 kategoria: informacja 

​Spring 2019 Capital Semester in Washington, DC
Rowny Paderewski Scholarship - Full Scholarship Available for a Polish Citizen
Application Deadline – October 5, 2018

The Fund for American Studies has a full scholarship available for one Polish student to attend the Capital Semester program in Washington, DC this spring semester.
The 15-week spring program includes an internship placement in Washington DC, academic credit from George Mason University, housing in apartments in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC, a variety of guest lectures and briefings, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking. The scholarship covers full tuition and a living stipend for the duration of the program. The application deadline is October 5, 2018. 

Capital Semester in Washington, DC: January 16 – May 3, 2019
The program enables students to get a firsthand look at the American system of government by living, learning and interning in Washington for the spring semester.

LIVE: Housing in historic furnished apartments in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the oldest residential neighborhood in DC. Just blocks from the US Capitol, the Library of Congress, & the Supreme Court

LEARN: Academic courses in international economics and government with credit through George Mason University.  GMU was recently named one of the top 100 research universities in the U.S. by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

INTERN: Internships with government agencies, public and international policy groups, Congressional offices, embassies, and non-governmental organizations throughout the Washington area.

CONNECT: Site briefings at key Washington institutions, guest lectures and panel discussions featuring public policy, foreign affairs and economics experts, professional development seminars, networking events, and much more!

Scholarship and Application Information
One full scholarship is available to a Polish citizen through a scholarship named in honor of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and General Edward Rowny. The Rowny Paderewski Scholarship covers full tuition, housing and health insurance premium expenses, $800 toward travel to the U.S., $200 per week in a living-expense stipend, and other funds toward personal expenses.
All students must complete the online application available at www.DCinternships.org/CS. In addition to the online application, applicants should submit an official transcript and letter of recommendation. The application deadline for the Rowny Paderewski Scholarship is October 5, 2018.
Questions regarding the program or the application process may be directed to Mary Stankus, Recruitment and Admissions Director, at mstankus@tfas.org or 202-986-0384.